Student-athletes are the fuel for Game Theory Group’s collective engines. These talented individuals are recruited and referred to our professionals, as we seek to shape every client into a responsible and productive student athlete, prepping them to be contributing members of the
professional society.


Experiencing the challenges associated with college athletics and transitioning into the workforce firsthand, we center our approach around helping student-athletes bridge the gap between college athletics and academics, and then between a college career and a professional career.


Game Theory Group provides employers access to one of the most employable pools of talent in the country; student-athletes.

Employer Challenges: 

Career Services: 
– Less than 1/3 of graduating seniors visited career service more than one time.

Costs of Hiring:
- Entry-level hiring costs average around $5,100 per hire and are on the rise.

On-boarding and Retention: 
– Retention rates of entry-level employees are not strong:

  • 70% leave their job in two years or less
  • 75% of top performers will leave their organization in the next three years for new opportunities

Campus Recruiting:
- On-campus presence of employers has dropped more than 20% in the past five years
– 90 percent of all employers are forced to screen candidates by major and/or GPA

Student-Athletes Are the Perfect Solution…

NCAA student-athletes

  • Nearly 30% of all male student-athletes are ethnically diverse
  • 50% of student-athletes are female
  • Nearly 65% of student-athletes are from diverse populations
  • Nearly 23% of all female student-athletes are ethnically diverse

US Population

  • 22% of all the population are ethnically diverse
  • Nearly 51% of the population are female

Student-Athletes Possess the Skill Set You Are Looking for…


Detail Oriented

Computer Skills

Analytic Skills


Leadership Skills

Teamwork Skills


We Can Offer You On-Demand Recruiting for Top Candidates

Candidate Pool

Candidate Insight

Employer/Job Branding

Game Theory Group Virtual Career Events

Virtual Networking

Reach the entire GTG network of over 15K student-athletes from over 30 athletic departments nationally virtually.

5 Networking Events

  • General (fall and spring)
  • Business (fall)
  • Education / Coaching (fall)
  • STEM (fall)

Recruiting Services

Early Experienced Hires

  • 6-36 months of experience
  • 37-60 months of experience
  • Prices vary depending on experience.

Executive Level Hire

  • 20% of salary
  • Qualified from GTG’s extensive network

Contact Robbie Shaw ( for more information.